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Exclusive scented candle handcrafted in Australia

OUR Scented Candles

Discover why our candle are unique


Pure, premium, and natural soy wax. Our high-quality and sustainably sourced wax guarantee the best burning and olfactive experience.

candle making with natural and premium soy wax
candle-making with clear glass

the glass

For us, the atmosphere of the candle comes from the scent and the vision. Our glass allows light to pass through so you can watch your candle and bring warmth to your home through the scent and the candlelit experience.

the wicks

Our wicks are made of natural cotton offering you an excellent flame, and a constant clean burn without metal or chemical additives.

natural cotton wick for candle making
Candle making with exclusive fragrance by french perfumer

Our frAgrance

The Eurythmique range is considered a luxury because of the quality of the ingredients and the time taken to perfect the way they are blended. Our perfumer Thomas Hingant works with passion and persistence in his dedication to finding and fusing the finest fragrance ingredients.

Exclusive Scented Candle handcrafted in Melbourne

If you would like to know more about how we create our scented candles in Melbourne Australia please get in contact with us.

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