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Let us take you through the steps you need to craft the perfect scented candle.


Our scents have been created from the personal experience of Thomas Hingant

The process takes time, with dedicated attention to the feelings and emotions that are captivated by the scents and the atmosphere the candles creates. In this stage, the candle's soul comes to life. The fragrance and the way you interact with the candle shapes the experience. Your personal history, psychology, feelings and memories will interact and react with the scent. The right fragrance can pull memories from your mind and take you back to a different time and place.

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All of our scented candles have been hand prepared by Thomas Hingant. The process of making a candle takes time, care and practice. Careful consideration needs to be taken, not only in the steps behind the craft itself, but the environment surrounding the candle. The air, the temperature, and the season all play an important role in shaping the candle in some way. 


The final flourish on the candle. The centrepiece is where life comes from. The placement of the wick defines where the fire will emerge and how the candle will be shaped as it burns down. Misalignment changes the shape and impacts the life of the scented candle.

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candle making pouring