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Your experience is our key commitment. 

Fragrance design Melbourne


At Eurythmique, we believe in change and the consciousness we can bring to even the smallest gestures. We understand that every choice we make can contribute to improving ourselves and participating in a more responsible ecology. Our products have been designed with this mindset. We have chosen to partner with suppliers who align with our values choosing only the purest ingredients. 

Our scents are designed to bring you a new olfactory experience, created by hand in Melbourne, by Thomas Hingant.


Each fragrance has been created with the greatest of care. Inspired by real experiences, Thomas imagined an olfactory moment of free expression, one that is sensual, oriental and generous. Beautiful fragrant notes will create a unique atmosphere in your home.

Authenticity 2024
Candle making Melbourne

Proudly HANDmade
in Melbourne

Established with Fresh roots and nostalgia. Melbourne had become the second heart and home for Thomas and Eurythmique candles.

Giving back

We reverse  1% of our gross annual profits and $10 per candle sold

We are proud to be in partnership with Rainforest Rescue. We donate 1% of gross annual profits as a little way of trying to give back and promote corporate social and environmental responsibility.

Giving back Melbourne
Scented Candle Thank You card

LOW Environmental impact

Eco Start paper was the perfect partner for us. Made with 100% recycled post-consumer waste, ecoStar+ is paper-made carbon neutral and is designed to offer the printability, brightness, and durability of white virgin fiber papers with outstanding environmental credentials.

recycling glass

Reusable glass

We’ve loved watching the way people use and continue to use our candle’s shell once the body has finished its lifespan. Growing a small plant, a tiny container, people are creative with how they give the glass a second life. If you have given your glass a second life we’d love to see it and share your picture for inspiration tag us on Instagram @Eurythmique

Clear glass candle making

Natural Soy WAX 

Renewable ressource

Our scented candles are made from pure ingredients, sustainably sourced and synthesized biochemically, so no chemicals were used in the process.

Natural soy wax candle making
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