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Scented candles FAQs

  • Where are Eurythmique products made ?
    All Eurythmique products are proudly made in Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Could you give me the candle notice ?
    1. When using for the first time, it is advisable to burn it for at least 2 hours of affiliation, so that the wax melts evenly over its entire surface, and thus prevent it from hollowing out around the wick. 2. Recuperator before each use the drill bit of about 5 mm 3. To get the most out of your candle, burn it until the entire surface of the candle melts. 4. Do not leave a burning candle unattended 5. Vessel may become hot to touch 6. Keep out of reach pets and children 7. Do not move a lit candle 8. Ensure candle is on a heat resistant surface 9. Do not allow candle to burn to the base of vessel 10. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight Failure to follow these instructions could result in fire hazard or injury
  • What type of wax do we use in our candles?
    At Eurythmique, we use exclusively Soy Wax, 100% natural, without paraffin in our candles.
  • Why it is important to stop burning with 1cm left of wax ?
    It's important that you stop burning your candle at the 1cm wax mark as there may not be enough wax left in the candle to absorb the heat of the flame, which can lead the glass to become very hot.
  • How do I track my candle order ?
    Log into your account and scroll down to find your order. Your order will be marked as dispatched if it has been shipped, and you can find your tracking numbers and courier service name after clicking ‘track’. If these details are not available please get in contact via eurythmiquestore@gmail and we will supply tracking numbers to you.
  • Can I stock Eurythmique products on my store ?
    Please contact us at to be a Eurythmique stockist. Once we receive this we will be in contact within 7 business days to discuss your application.
  • How long do Eurythmique candles burn?
    Our candles offer a long-lasting burn time. For example, the 'Amour' candle provides approximately 35 real hours of burn time, ensuring a lasting fragrance experience.
  • Can I recycle Eurythmique candle containers?
    Absolutely! We encourage recycling our candle containers. They are designed to be repurposed or recycled, aligning with our sustainable ethos like a flower pot for example.
  • Does Eurythmique use a dropshipping model for its candles?
    No, Eurythmique prides itself on handcrafting each candle locally rather than using dropshipping. This ensures higher quality and more authentic products for our customers.
  • How does Eurythmique ensure the authenticity of its candles?
    Eurythmique guarantees authenticity by crafting candles in-house, using unique scents created by a renowned French perfumer, ensuring each product reflects our commitment to originality and quality.
  • Are Eurythmique candles suitable for expressing love?
    Absolutely! Our candles, especially our 'Amour' range, are designed to embody the essence of love, making them perfect gifts to express affection and care.
  • What makes Eurythmique candles a great choice for Valentine's Day?
    Eurythmique candles make an ideal Valentine's gift due to their romantic fragrances, elegant design, and the warm, intimate ambiance they create, perfect for celebrating love.
  • Does Eurythmique offer DIY candle-making kits?
    While Eurythmique specializes in ready-made candles, we embrace the DIY spirit by sharing candle-care tips and ideas for repurposing our candle containers, encouraging creativity among our customers.
  • What types of occasions are Eurythmique candles suited for as gifts?
    Eurythmique scented candles are versatile gifts ideal for various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, and holidays, offering a personal and thoughtful touch.
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