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Candle Making for Beginner: Which Wax ?


I’ll explain the different types of wax and why I chose Soy Wax. Important things, it’s just my opinion and I choose the Soy wax because I created Scented Candles. It will be just a small resume of the candle wax market.

There is a different kind of wax available for candles today:

- The Soy wax

- The Beeswax

- The Coconut Wax

- The Palm Wax

- The Paraffin Wax

Why are there 5 types of wax and what are they different from each other?

the soy wax

Soy wax is simply made from soybean oil grown largely in Brazil and undergoes a hydrogenation process to make it solid.

The advantage is that the wax remains 100% natural and it is renewable

non-toxic, not allergenic, and burns up 50% longer than paraffin candles.

They burn very cleanly and it’s biodegradable and very easy to wash.


Beeswax is also a 100% natural product that is produced naturally by bees and therefore much rarer. It is an excellent quality wax, however rarer than Soy wax and therefore more expensive!

Honestly, it's a top-quality wax and it's also renewable.

It is the perfect alternative to soy wax.


For the Coconut Wax, it’s the same process as soy wax, hydrogenation of coconut oil.

100% natural coconut wax and is also very difficult to find by its rarity because it is an organic wax. It is one of the waxes that has the longest burn time and scent throw and is also highly appreciated by aromatherapy creators. If you want to go for this wax, you can start with coconut / Soy wax which will be more affordable and easy to find.


The Palm Wax is also 100% natural from hydrogenating palm oil. It’s a very good product with a long burning time, nice color, and a very good scent throw but unfortunately, palm wax is not the most eco-friendly plant-based wax because the oil comes from the tree and it also means deforestation, so a big environmental impact.


It’s the most common candle wax out there. It’s one of the wax where you can add a lot of fragrance (around 10%) and it’s very affordable. But it’s not eco-friendly because it’s derived from petroleum or coal so yes, it’s chemical and not renewable. The thing is that the air in your home will end up polluted with hydrocarbons which will also affect your fragrance and unfortunately your health.

Why did I choose Soy wax for my scented candle?

To bring you the best possible experience, I have chosen Soy Wax Premium Pure for my candle. It’s just my opinion and I choose the Soy wax because I created Scented Candles with oil perfume. I tried different ones but the Pure Soy was the best choice for me.

My choice was based on burning time, scent throw, clean burn, and sustainability.

It is one of the purest waxes on the market because it is not mixed with any other waxes or hardeners. I like the creamy soy finish and for me, the best scent throws hot or cold.

It took me hundreds of hours to craft each scent and I use the maximum percentage for each candle because I want you to be able to enjoy the high level of fragrance even when the candle is not lit. You can find more information on our page about the know-how.

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