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Illuminating memories


In loving memory of
Zoë Elizabeth Dowd Nemet
19th July 1974 - 10th April 2024

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Discover Zoë's

Introducing Zoë's Candle – a tribute to a vibrant, spontaneous, and supportive soul with a heart of gold who brought joy, energy, and love to everyone she met. Inspired by Zoë's love for sweets like nougat and her fondness for savory Asian and Thai cuisine, this candle captures the essence of her lively spirit. The fragrance opens with the uplifting notes of Orange and Ginger. The bright, warm scent of Orange symbolizes her light and warmth, while Ginger, reminiscent of her favorite foods, represents her essence – sweet with a kick of spice. The heart of the scent blooms with the floral elegance of Jasmine and Lavender, symbolizing her positive side, politeness, and strength, as well as her passion for gardening and painting. Warm undertones of Oud, Myrrh, and Musk ground the fragrance, providing a comforting and safe aura reminiscent of her presence. Infused with the joyful and euphoric emotions she evoked, Zoë's Candle also highlights her lightness, positive energy, and infectious laugh. Celebrate her memory and the radiant light she brought into the world with every burn of this beautifully crafted candle.

"Beautiful mum and golden girl
who lit up our worlds"

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Each Zoë's Candle is thoughtfully priced at $39.95, ensuring that it remains an accessible and heartfelt tribute. In honor of Zoë's enduring spirit and the love she shared, 20% of every sale is automatically dedicated to fundraising efforts for her family members. This contribution provides much-needed support and assistance, helping to uphold the values and warmth Zoë embodied. By purchasing this candle, not only do you bring a beautiful and comforting fragrance into your home, but you also extend a hand of solidarity and compassion to those she held dear. Let Zoë's Candle be a symbol of remembrance, connection, and generosity, lighting up your space while making a meaningful difference.


Unique scent

Our candles are infused with a bespoke fragrance that captures the spirit and personality of Zoë.


20% Fundraising

Supporting Charlie and Ruby after the tragic loss of parents. 20% of every sale automatically dedicated to Gofundme.


Symbolic Connection

Our candles bridge the tangible and ethereal, offering comfort and companionship between past and present.

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